Lusala’ Premieres At The 3rd Nbo Film Festival

Lusala’ Premieres At The 3rd Nbo Film Festival

Kenyans, and the world at large, have enjoyed One Fine Day films over the years and 6th June 2019 marked the world premiere of yet another film in this program – ‘Lusala’. Cast and crew of the film accompanied by Ginger Ink Films Africa Limited joined film and TV stakeholders and enthusiasts for the premiere at the 3rd edition of the Nairobi Film Festival. As one of the partners, Kenya Film Commission celebrates this new project and is proud to be associated with the Nairobi Film Festival. This edition runs from 6th to 16th June 2019 at Prestige Plaza and will screen exceptional films as well as host a panel discussion, workshops, lectures and presentations on aspects of the distribution of films for TV and cinema.

The premiere event, which was totally sold out, vividly indicates that the Kenyan audience is continuously developing a taste for and embracing local content and a cinema going culture.

‘Lusala’ is the story of a young man – named Lusala – who was adopted by an affluent Nairobi family but is imposed on to leave the nest and start out life on his own. At first, he makes the most of his new life but demons from his past return, and he has to face them on his own. Brian Ogola embodies the Lusala character so deeply in telling a story of one’s traumatic past as well as the power of family and how they provide a solid foundation for one to rise above seemingly insurmountable challenges. Ogola and the super talented cast comprising of Alan Oyugi, Mkamzee Mwatela, Stycie Waweru and Alyce Wangari among others seamlessly bring this story to life.

‘Lusala’ is Mugambi Nthiga’s directorial debut, described as an unnerving, errant, and relentless ride through twenty one days of shooting. Mugambi started off as an actor in Nairobi Half Life, and then proceeded to write Kati Kati and Supa Modo (all One Fine Day projects). In many ways, Mugambi has come to a full circle moment for himself in the One Fine Day Films program.

This film portrays the duality of humanity; the co-existence of two selves: an inauthentic self, constructed by us so we can get by and fit in, and our real self, the imperfect and guileless, yet necessary person that enables the full experience of being human. One is controlled by ego, and blots our weaknesses and follies with fabrications we have learnt to wear. The real self, though, is where stories are made. It exists powerfully, underneath it all, and when it is revealed—via affliction or affection—it shows us for who we really are. ‘Lusala’ experiences the woes of a human whose authentic self must be revealed, and when he survives this upset, that is enough of an ending, even if it’s just for a moment in time.

He is telling the story of reaching one’s end, where one’s carefully constructed sense of self is called to question, and with the summoning of one’s own tenacity, and the support of loved ones, a new normal can be found or lost.

The next screening of ‘Lusala’ will be on Friday, 14th June 2019 at Prestige Plaza, Ngong Road; a Q & A session will follow thereafter. Regular screenings will run from 21st June 2019.

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