Film Hub

Film Hub

The Kenya Film Commission has embarked on establishing film hubs across the country to increase accessibility to film resources and support the development of the film industry in Kenya to facilitate its functions of content development, capacity development and promotion of local films at the grassroots level. The establishment of the film hubs seeks to nurture new ideas and introduce the youthful population to the film industry, address imbalances in the infrastructure and in the distribution of skills and resources in the film industry as well as create an enabling environment for sustainable job creation and skills development.



In line with its mandate of promoting and developing the local film industry, the Kenya Film Commission is seeking to establish a film hub in a public Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institution (TVET), University or National government facility in the County of Uasin Gishu.


  1. To increase accessibility to film resources and support the development of the film industry in Kenya.
  2. To increase efficiency in filmmaking by offering spaces for content production activities.
  3. To generate interest among Kenyans to pursue filmmaking as a viable career for sustainable development and wealth creation.
  4. To create a space for innovation and exploration of Kenya’s diversity through content creation.

Film Hub Sections

The hub will provide a one stop shop for film resources and film production support services and will encompass the following sections;

  1. Film Production Area– This section will support the production needs of filmmakers. It will be equipped with Video cameras and accessories, Photo cameras –Digital Single Lens Reflect camera (DSLR), Location Sound Equipment, Green screen and Lighting Equipment.
  1. Editing Bay– The filmmakers will have access to non-linear digital edit suites installed in the film hubs for their post-production needs. The suite will be installed with video, photo and animation editing software.
  2. Sound Studio– This is a sound -insulated, quiet room equipped with tools that facilitate the recording and editing of audio files. Each space features unique tools, but builds on the basic setup of a microphone(s), software for audio capture, editing and playback capabilities.
  3. Library Area- This section contains a film resource in electronic format ranging from directing, casting, scriptwriting, editing, production, marketing and distribution.
  4. Lounge Area- This is a meeting space that can be reserved by interested stakeholders for their meetings. The space will be equipped with a smart TV for projections and video screenings.
  5. Equipment storage room- This is a separate room equipped with lockable cabinets for storage of equipment to ensure that they are properly maintained to minimize damage and loss.

Expression of Interest

Interested institutions should submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by providing information indicating that the institution is qualified and would fulfill the following parameters;


  1. Must be a public TVET institution, University or National government facility.
  2. Have a building that adheres to the building codes and standards of Kenya.
  3. Be in a centralized location to allow ease of access.
  4. The space must demonstrate viability in terms of demand.
  5. The entity must be open to the public and not subject the users to any form of


  • The space should be accessible by persons living with disability (PLWDs).
  • The space must have electricity and a power back-up system.
  • The space must have affinity for internet connectivity and capacity to host the

editing and sound studio equipment.

  • The space must have access to sanitation facilities e.g. clean toilet, clean running



  1. There must be 24hr security monitoring the incoming and outgoing of persons and equipment.
  2. The doors and windows must be burglar proofed.
  3. Mandatory installation of CCTV camera on the premises.

Human capacity

  1.  Appointment or secondment of competent technical personnel.
  2.  Administrative handover mechanism
  3.  Availability of security personnel

Application Requirements

  1. Cover letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer- Kenya Film Commission.
  2. Detailed proposal indicating the need and why your institution should be considered.
  3. The proposal should also include photo and video evidence of the space.

Application process

Interested institutions should send their proposals through email address not later than Friday, 21st April 2023 at 5:00pm.

The Commission will enter into partnership with the successful institution. The partnerships will be through signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

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