What we do

What we do

The Commission provides the following services:

1. Advising the Government and other stakeholders on film matters
The Commission provides the Government of Kenya (through Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs) and all stakeholders with up-to-date information and   advice on matters pertaining to development, co-ordination, regulation and promotion of the film industry in Kenya. This is done through continuous research     on the industry and film industries in other countries.

2. Promotion of the local film industry

This is done through various ways that span; facilitating content development; capacity; promotion of local films locally and internationally and through the resource center facilitating funding of local films and film projects (subject to availability of funds).

3. Marketing Kenya as a filming location
KFC identifies key filming locations in Kenya and promotes them and Kenya as a whole to international markets. This is done though participating in international film forums such as exhibitions and festivals. The intention is to attract as many filmmakers as possible to come and shoot their films in Kenya.

4. Provision of information on films and filming in Kenya
KFC serves as a hub for information on the local filmmakers and producers and the locally produced films. This information is contained in the film industry database. The Commission also provides information about filming in Kenya including film licensing, cost of filming and filming locations among others.

5. Facilitate archiving of film materials
The digital film archive aims to preserve our rich heritage of locally produced films.

6. Coordination and regulation of the film industry
As the umbrella body on film matters in Kenya, KFC coordinates the operations of the film industry. This includes facilitating the formulation or reformulation of     film policies and legislations in consultation with stakeholders that favor the growth of the industry.
Our Service Charter

The purpose of this charter is to demonstrate the commitment of the Kenya Film Commission in service delivery. It seeks to enhance the awareness of our customers and stakeholders about the core functions of the Commission, the range of services that we offer and our approaches to service delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.

KFC Service Charter – English
KFC Service Charter – Swahili
Complaints Handling Procedure

Kenya Film Commission commits itself to identifying various complaints from various customers and stakeholders. As such we have a fully developed complaint handling procedure and can be downloaded below.

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Access to Information

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