The Kenya Film Commission is officially recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to set up an OSCARS Selection Committee from Industry Associations & Guilds to make submissions for the Best International Feature Film Award on behalf of the Kenyan filmmakers.

Other than the Best International Feature Film, the Committee can also submit a Documentary and Animation to compete for Best Documentary and Best Animation Feature Awards.

Annually, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (The Oscars) invites countries to submit an official entry of what the individual countries consider as their Best Film Projects. Only one (1) film is accepted from each Country. Given this important rule and regulation, the committee’s task is therefore to make a Call for Submissions from Kenyan Filmmakers and thereafter View and Select a film project – be it a Feature Film, Documentary or Animation – that meets the set-out Academy rules and regulations and Submit the same to the Academy.

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Selection of the Kenya Oscar selection Committee

The Commission extended a call to Film associations and guild in Kenya to nominate key industry specialists from among their members to form the official Kenya Oscars selection Committee. The criteria for selection of members were;

  1. The nominated members should possess any of the following film industry skills; Scriptwriting, Directing/production, Cinematography, Acting, Editing, graphic design, Animation, Distribution, Sound design, lighting among others.
  2. The nominated members should have experience in other Film festivals/awards. Experience in International film festivals will be added advantage
  3. Have been involved in any capacity in the production of at least 5 local or international productions in any genre
  4. Have over 5 years’ experience in the Kenyan film industry in any capacity e.g., film production, festival curators, broadcasting, film distribution, served in a film related government institution etc.

The nominated members were vetted by the Commission and having met the qualifications above, were appointment into the selection committee.

Role of the Kenya Oscars selection Committee

The selection committee members participate in the review, selection and submission of a Kenyan film under the Best International Feature Film as follows;

i. Engage with the public to answer and address frequently asked questions and concerns about the academy awards.

ii. Develop the submissions requirements for the awards as guided by the Oscars awards requirements for the Best International Feature category.

iii. Prepare a Criteria for shortlisting the submissions received.

iv. Review the entries received and identify the Kenya selection production for the Best International feature Category at the Oscars Awards.

v. Participate in the Press Conference to announce the selected film.

vi. Submission of Nominated Film for the Oscars awards.

vii. Prepare a report at the end of the selection and submission process.

The Kenya Oscars selection committee members are not allowed to submit their projects for the period they are engaged in the selection Committee. They are also required to declare interest in case a film they had a role in, is submitted for the awards consideration.

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