Kenya Film Commission Launches A Training Of Trainers Film Csr Programme In Kamiti Maximum Prison

Kenya Film Commission Launches A Training Of Trainers Film Csr Programme In Kamiti Maximum Prison

On 14th February 2020Kenya Film Commission launched a Training of Trainers workshop as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme at Kamiti Maximum Prison. The event was graced by representatives from Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs. Present also were officials from State Department for Correctional Services, board directors and CEO from Kenya Film Commission.

This CSR programme will see training of 50 wardens drawn from nine facilities in the Nairobi area under a Training of Trainers (TOT) initiative. The 50 wardens will undergo a three weeks Capacity Building workshop where they will be trained on basic film production skills. This skill transfer program will ensure that the correctional facilities adopt filmmaking as part of the programmes offered to the prisoners while in remand.

Long term, as the event is rolled out in other parts of the country, this will ensure that the country has a vibrant film industry with professionals who are empowered to tell authentic Kenyan stories thus making significant contribution to the Kenyan film industry.

The Prison System in Kenya is severely strained due to the high crime rate in the country. Further to this, there is lack of proper mechanisms to empower the prison population and re-integrate the inmates back into society with skills to enhance employment or entrepreneurship.

The film industry continues to play a key role in spurring economic growth and realization of Vision 2030, through infrastructural development, tourist attraction, investment and employment creation. Kenya Film Commission is fully in touch with the needs and aspiration of its key target audience and it achieves this through various communication campaigns.

In this regard, the Commission undertakes annual Corporate Social Responsibility projects as part of its strategic philanthropy, aimed at demonstrating the focus on a community’s societal experiences through addressing specific public needs. This CSR Programme also seeks to develop skills and to harness talent among the prisoners that will aid in reintegration into society, socialize with the inmates and engage in their day-to-day activities while orienting the inmates on the mandate of the Commission.

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