Kenya Film Commission Conducts CSR In Konza City

Kenya Film Commission Conducts CSR In Konza City

Kenya Film Commission on 30th April 2019 conducted a tree planting exercise as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility at the new Silicon Savannah, Konza city. The Commission was joined by Konza Technopolis Development Authority, Kenya Film Classification Board and members of the surrounding community around Konza city.

The tree planting exercise was an initiative aimed at restoring the tree cover in the country. Through such initiatives, the Commission has proven that it is conscious of environment conservation efforts and the impact such activities to the country at large.

Konza city was selected for the tree planting exercise to act as a model for other cities to create green livable spaces with a variety of species for trees. This exercise was also aimed at encouraging various organizations to be conscious of their Carbon Foot Print in all their activities thus reducing their environmental impact.

Pupils from Malili Township Primary school were also involved in the tree planting exercise so that a culture of environmental conservation could be inculcated in them at a tender age and also ensure continuity of this practice for posterity.

By the end of this exercise, a total of 1500 seedlings will have been planted. The number will be increased gradually to 1 million seedlings which will be planted within Konza city and the surrounding areas through community engagement.

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