11 Year Old Kenyan Boy To Feature In A Ksh 2 Billion Budget Film

11 Year Old Kenyan Boy To Feature In A Ksh 2 Billion Budget Film

Nassor Said, an eleven year old boy from Kilifi is bound for stardom after being selected to feature as the main supporting actor in a Ksh 2 billion budget Italian movie named Tolo Tolo.

Nassor was selected to feature for this role after a scouting mission conducted late last year by the movie director, Checco Zalone – a prominent Italian actor.

Currently, Nassor is in Morocco in the second phase of the shooting after completing the first phase which was shot in the coastal town of Malindi.

The movie is being produced by Taodue – a prominent film production in Italy. The production of this film in Kilifi and Malindi counties adds to the glory of Kenya being referred to as the preferred filming destination. Nassor forms part of 130 artistes and crew drawn from Kenya and Italy working on the project.

Speaking to members of the press earlier this year, executive producer Antonio De Feo, stated that more than 2,500 people comprising actors, extras, casuals, technicians, mechanics and doctors gained from the movie. This further reinforces the fact that film is one of the largest employers compared to other fields of employment.

The movie is expected to generate over $65 million and will be screened in 400 theatres in Italy as well as other African countries.

Pontact, a Kenyan production company, was hired to provide technical production facilities and crew for the movie production.

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