Calls for Collaboration with Financial Institutions to Promote Film Financing

Calls for Collaboration with Financial Institutions to Promote Film Financing

The Film Commission hosted the 2024 film summit aimed at establishing connections with financial institutions into exploring existing funding and insurance services for Kenyan film industry players. The event themed ‘The Interconnection Between the Audiovisual Industry and Financial Institutions for the Growth and Development of the Kenya Film Sector’, was held on 12th March in Nairobi and explored topics varying financing, film industry regulatory and legal framework, risk management and the impact of emerging technologies and trends in the film sector.

Through panel discussions and Q&A sessions with professionals from Kenya Film Classification Board, Kenya Copyright Board (Kecobo), Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Insurance Regulatory Authority, NISK Capital Kenya Commercial Bank, GIZ Kenya, Kenya Television and Film Producers Association, Producers Guild, Distributors Guild, Association of Animation Artistes, owners of several online film platforms and  key industry players, the summit provided a comprehensive platform for stakeholders to address key challenges and opportunities facing the Kenyan film industry in the area of financing.

Acknowledging the film industry business, participants reinforced the importance of compliance and regular dialogue with other industries, particularly financial institutions. Discussions around insurance in film highlighted the need for user-friendly policies, particularly regarding risks associated with lives, health, equipment, and location.

The resolutions and initiatives formed during the Summit underscore the commitment of industry players to foster growth, innovation, and collaboration within the sector. Filmmakers at the summit nominated two teams that will champion meetings with financial institutions for development of products relevant to the film sector.

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