Corruption Reporting

Corruption Reporting

The Kenya Film Commission is working towards inculcating a culture of integrity among employees for sustainable business and building positive relations with our stakeholders and the public.Under our integrity and ethics programme, we conduct training and sensitization for all staff members as well as;

  • Carry out investigations on allegations of staff misconduct.
  • Track trends, opportunities and put in place preventive measures against corruption.
  • Manage programmes to promote trust and transparency

The commission takes cognizance of the fact that there is a symbiotic relationship between whistleblowing and an organization’s culture and that effective internal whistleblowing arrangements are an important component of a healthy corporate culture but also effective internal whistleblowing depends on the right corporate culture that encourages concerns to be raised. Internal whistleblowing, whether it is conducted in-house or outsourced, acts as a deterrent to corrupt practices, encourages openness, promotes transparency, underpins the risk management systems and helps protect the reputation of an organization. It is with this in mind that the commission has made strides towards developing the integrity and ethics programme.



  • Whistleblower policy
  • Code of conduct and ethics
  • Conflict of interest
  • Conflict of interest declaration form
  • Whistleblower reporting form


Should you suspect any wrongdoing, kindly contact us through:

Kenya Film Commission

P.O BOX 00508 76417


Email: OR


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