About The Kenya Film Commission

About The Kenya Film Commission

The Commission is responsible for developing, promoting and marketing the Kenyan film industry and has developed and undertaken various intervention programs since the onset of the Corona pandemic to cushion artistes specifically in film production. This show has directly supported; 4 production companies; 12 instrumentalists; 4 sound technicians; 8 band members; 4 crew for documentaries; 8 crew for studio; 4 stage set up and grips and other artists e.g. poets and musicians as well as service providers.

Kenya Film Commission is mandated to:

  1. To develop, promote and market the film industry locally and internationally and identify and facilitate growth of the film industry.
  2. Generate, manage and disseminate film industry research, information and market data, and act as a repository and archive of Kenya’s film records.
  3. Coordinate and certify persons, association and organization participating in the production of film, photography, video, stills, animation, new media and related media.
  4. Establish and administer a film promotion fund and incubation centres for the film industry in Kenya.
  5. Provide liaison service for government departments on matters relating to the promotion, marketing and development of the industry.
  6. Promote and market Kenya, locally and internationally as a filming destination and promote local content.
  7. Develop fiscal and other incentives to promote investment in the film industry and create linkages with both public and private national and international organizations to improve and facilitate investment in the film industry.

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