Reel County Film Festival “MY COUNTY MY STORY”

 Reel County Film Festival “MY COUNTY MY STORY”

In a bid to promote the film industry across the 47 counties of Kenya, the Kenya Film Commission has established Reel County Film Festival under the “My County My Story” programme aimed at growing the local film industry. The Reel County Film Festival will provide a platform for local filmmakers to come together and share knowledge and capacities in order to make a stronger impact on cultural, social and economic development of audio-visual products in the counties.
As the name implies, filmmakers within Kenya’s 47 counties will come together and create content that promote the cultural, social and economic activities of their respective counties. The content created by the different counties will tell stories, feature prominent people (historical or current), and/or feature locations of the counties. The content created will then be offered for selection into the Reel County Film Festival.

The content up for the selection for the festival includes:

  • Feature Films (minimum 60 mins)

  • Short films (7-40 mins)

  • Documentaries (20-40 mins)

  • Animation (5-10 mins)


  • To increase local content creation and production in the country

  • To provide a platform for local creatives to network and engage with the local filmmaking community

  • To enhance youth in counties to participate in innovative arts as way to achieve social cohesion and economic empowerment.


A. Call for submission
A call for filmmakers from across the country to submit their content will be put out on 21st September, 2023 and close 31st October, 2023. The content submitted will need to be produced by filmmakers from the counties and should tell stories of those counties.
B. Jury evaluation
Once the content is received, a jury of 5 members from the Commission and the film industry will shortlist content from the various categories and select 3 top productions in each category that will be screened during the festival from 5th to 11th November 2023.
C. Film screenings and critiques
Film screenings will be undertaken in eight regions of Kenya including coast Rift Valley, Eastern, North Eastern, Central, Western Nairobi and Nyanza regions.
D. Panel discussions by film critiques
At the end of the screening of each production, a panel comprising of film critiques and the audience will review the screened productions and give their merits or flaws. This is to ensure that producers of the various productions learn from the criticism given.

The Commission will award the producers of the content a screening fee for at least 8 screenings as follows:

  • Feature Films – Ksh. 100,000

  • Short Films – Ksh. 100,000

  • Documentaries – Ksh. 100,000

  • Animation – Ksh. 100,000

Only one submission per title is required i.e. do not submit the same content more than once. Each submission MUST include: –

  • Submission copy in Digital (We Transfer)

  • Fully completed entry form

  • KFCB Classification Certificate

  • Trailer

  • Synopsis

  • Poster

Kindly submit your content via We Transfer to the email A dully competed form should also be submitted together with the film.
For enquiries you may call 020-2714073/4 / +254 729 407497/ 0 733 650068 or email

Opening Date: Entries will be received from 21st September 2023
Closing Date: All entries must be received by 31st October 2023


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